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73 lbs lost to date! Register to hear more on Thursday…

I told you last week that the two most successful clients I’ve worked with using my “do less, get better results” approach lost 40+ lb in about 3 months, but… After last week’s ezine went out, my client Karen responded with her own fabulous results: 73 lbs and counting. Will you be joining me on […]

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How you lose weight without dieting or exercising more

It’s simple Though not necessarily easy It doesn’t require any special pills or supplements Nor the purchase of a special book or DVD Nor is it sexy So for all these reasons It’s not a raging fad But it is the longest known Approach to dieting and weight loss That I know of   It’s […]

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How Food Choices Affect Performance: Part 2

“You mean a food’s energetic qualities can affect my ability to lose weight and perform at my optimum level?“ Absolutely! Let’s say you really want to lose weight because dragging the extra pounds around is tiring you out, making your joints ache, and ultimately making life less fun. Ask yourself: “Are the energetic qualities of […]

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How Food Choices Affect Performance: Part 1

“You mean my food choices affect my energy level and performance?“   Yah, a lot.   Let’s say you want to feel more energized so you can get more done. Ask yourself: “Am I eating food with lots of life force energy?“   Prefer to listen to this blog? Click Blog_012412_FoodChoices1.   Life force energy […]

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